Skips Vs Removal Vans

Skips Vs Removal Vans

We decided to do some research into the popular debate on which method of office clearances is more efficient, Skips or Removal Vans. The majority of skip hire companies do not recycle the waste efficiently. At Edu-Care Recycling Uk  we always recycle the items and materials we clear.

We separate each material into a specific bin and avoid items going to landfill.

Some items we remove from peoples premisses can be resold to the local community. The money made from the resell of those items goes to charity by law. The charity...

Is caffeine beneficial for the working office?   

Is caffeine beneficial for the working office?   

We all like a hot cup of coffee to keep us going throughout the day, but is it doing more damage than good? We decided to interview our resident coffee expert Darran Harris to get his opinion on the matter.


So darran, how many cups of coffee do you averagely consume in the working day?

Well Simon and Perry, I typically get through about 2 to 5 a day. It helps me to stay alert and increases my energy levels.


Why do you need such high energy levels?

At Edu-Care Recylcing UK  we carry out...

What is WEEE Recycling?

What is WEEE Recycling?

WEEE Recycling stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling. It is a legal requirement to have your electrical waste disposed of. The kind of items that are required to be compliantly disposed off are Computer monitors, Overhead projectors, and many other Electronic items.


Edu-care Recycling UK  has the infrastructure in place to cover most of the UK to carry out office clearances and office relocations.  

We're able to collect all your WEEE Recycling and dispose of it.


Please contact our Operations Manager...

Do you need mobile phone lockers?

Do you need mobile phone lockers?

Mobile phone lockers are required in many different types of working environments. You can use them in schools, Hospitals, and many more. The majority of Phone lockers have several compartments allowing for easy storage of phones and other valuables such as wallets and keys.

Edu-Care Recycling UK sometimes have these great Phone Lockers in stock for sale.

Our industry experts Simon and Perry have a wealth of knowledge to share and will be giving insights into various products for sale on the web-store to help you make an informed buying decision.


What is a plan chest?

What is a plan chest?

Plan Chests:

Plan chests come in two types: horizontal; and vertical.

Horizontal systems (drawer units) are easy to use. Traditionally they are used by cartographers but as of late Artists are using them for storage of their papers and card.

The vertical ones, again used by cartographers use a hanging mechanism for the maps.

Why not consider one for the lounge as a side board or a large coffee table.

Edu-Care Recycling UK sometimes have these plan chests in stock for sale.

Our industry experts Simon and Perry have a wealth of knowledge to...