Do you need mobile phone lockers?

Mobile phone lockers are required in many different types of working environments. You can use them in schools, Hospitals, and many more. The majority of Phone lockers have several compartments allowing for easy storage of phones and other valuables such as wallets and keys.

Edu-Care Recycling UK sometimes have these great Phone Lockers in stock for sale.

Our industry experts Simon and Perry have a wealth of knowledge to share and will be giving insights into various products for sale on the web-store to help you make an informed buying decision.


Phone Locker Review 


Are they useful?


At Edu-Care recycling UK we believe phone lockers are very useful and the perfect solution for storing multiple valuables in a compact way.


Are they secure? 

Phone lockers come either with keys or code combinations, the one we have for sale comes complete with keys.


 if you would like to view the current stock we have please click here



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